Does your child often fail to speak up at school or tell you how they feel about certain situations? As a parent, this issue might worry you as you feel that your child cannot express their feelings and fears to you. A major cause of this could be a lack of self confidence. Here are a few tips to help boost your child’s confidence.

Don’t be over critical

The type of parenting style you adopt and the way you nurture your child will play a major role in moulding their personality and the type of adult they grow up to be. Therefore, it is important that you do not be extremely strict to the point that they are afraid to speak to you regarding issues. Moreover, you must avoid nagging and criticizing everything they do as this will hinder their confidence.

Provide opportunities

If your child is shy and does not interact with many people, you must give them the opportunity to meet new people and get the necessary exposure from different platforms. Try finding out the areas of interest that your child possesses and allow them to explore these areas. Classes that provide music lessons for kids would be the ideal choice for kids who are interested in music. Other options include art, drama and sports lessons too.

Appreciate where necessary

From time to time, when your child accomplishes a task, you must appreciate their efforts and reward them with either your choice of words of a gift that seems appropriate for the effort put in. However, it is equally important to avoid over-doing it and complimenting for the slightest things as this would make it a habit and they start expecting praise for everything they do. Therefore, it is important that you maintain a balance and only appreciate where necessary.

Offer support when they need it

As a parent it is your duty to keep an eye over your child and notice the change in their behavioural patterns and react accordingly. If your child experiences a dilemma or asks for your help, you must offer a lending ear to listen to their problems and offer the right advice. Similarly, you must provide assistance with their academic work. If you cannot help with their sports or music activities, you could hire piano teachers or a sports coach if possible.During the initial years of your child’s life, you must try implementing these techniques in order to ensure you raise a confident child.