In life there are thousands of experiences people go through on a daily basis, and they all vary from person to person. These memorable experiences could be divided into different categories, from happy to sad or maybe both at once. But all in all these experiences are very important as they’re like learning experiences for people, and it’ll definitely help out in the future. Some of these experiences could come at the right time, or at a terrible time; you never know what life decides to throw at you especially when you’re not expecting it. Yet that is how life is, and if it were an actual living person, everyone would hate that person, no second thought about that. 

These days there are so many things that happen that are sort of like lessons that people would certainly benefit from, hands down. This is actually very true because our parents use these stories they hear as an example to behave properly and learn from it as much as possible. Everyone has to be very careful of how they act in public because these days things like spread very fast within no time.Despite the fact that it’s the 21st century, some people are still acting like it is still the 1990’s and refusing to accept the many changes that occur from time to time. They don’t seem to like the fact that everything is very fast paced and out of the ordinary, not how it used to be back then. They don’t like the way the current generations are these days, how modern they act in public, and think everyone is too outspoken. There’s nothing anyone can do about all of the above as times have changed and they have to come to terms with it because they have no other choice. People have to be outspoken and alert and brave during these times, because if they aren’t, others will just walk over them as if they don’t even exist. The people who worked hard with all their dedication are the ones who are on top of the career ladder doing extremely well.

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